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War Cry

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War Cry
Product # 005234
Model: 40340
Artist: Stephen Herrero
Studio: Mill Creek Studios
The time for talk is over. Pick up your lance and cry havoc.

Edition: LIMITED
Size: 10”h X 10”w X 5”d
Weight: 3lb.

“When I consider the stars, and the finely tuned immensity of the universe or stand in awe of the exquisite symmetry and beauty in nature I am overwhelmed by a sense of purpose and design for which there can be no other cause attributed than that of an intelligent and loving creator. God communicates to us through the work of His hands, and as beings created in His own image, He has given us the ability to communicate abstract ideas and thoughts through words, music, and the arts. All art, of whatever form, is born out of a need to communicate something, some idea, some emotion, some truth about the reality of the world we live in. In my case, if my work can speak truthfully, and with integrity about subjects I have chosen, and by inference testify of their Creator then I am blessed, privileged and grateful. I believe I speak for all the artists here at Mill Creek Studios that it is our hope that everything we do here enlarges the imagination.” --Stephen Herrero

Mill Creek Studios is committed to creating the finest affordable art available on the market today using the highest quality materials and processes in order to insure and preserve that elusive quality of self-expression each artist has instilled in his work.

MSRP $ 90.00
Our Price $ 80.00
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